Monday, 3 November 2014

Rain, in London

Rain is a very important song for me, it exemplify why I love making music so much.

I started writing it on a bench in my hometown, it was raining, of course, and it wasn't a good day. It continued at my piano and there I eventually had what I thought it was a final version.
Then my friend Sofia Albanese played it with me once and tried to do a few different things on it with her guitar, a new chord in the chorus and a change in the way the final part was arranged. And oh, that was exactly what I was looking for, it made the song more complete. She read my mind and put into music what I didn't even know I wanted.
Then, I was reharsing new songs here in London with the beautiful cellist Andrea Rocha Music. She had heard a recording of a very rough version of it and practiced on her own. So when we met to practice I didn't know what to expect but she started playing her cello as if she perfectly knew about all the landscapes and colours and scents this song meant for me.
It's not easy to find people that can understand and develop another person own world, but when this happen it's just magic, and I'm so lucky to have experienced this many times.

So this is a live version of Rain, recorded (on my phone :/) last Thursday at the Dublin Castle in Camden, with my little lovely band (Rui Silva, Joanna Roberts, Andrea Rocha). I was listening to it this afternoon and it just gave me the chills, realising I love it so much because of and thanks to all the people that have been part of it. I am so grateful for all this.

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Hugs for everyone :)